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A story to inspire you

If doubts are creeping in, let Bridget give you hope

At 63 years young, Bridget has lost 35 inches off her body measurements in the 11 months she’s been listening to Slimpod – and she’s gone from an 18/20 to a size 12 and taken it in her stride! She’s living proof that weight loss post-menopause is possible providing you retrain your brain to make healthy food choices. She’s a beacon of hope for everyone because she’s smashed her limiting beliefs and is now aiming to be a size 10.

Here’s a recap of Bridget’s weight loss post-menopause story in her own words, plus some extra details which aren’t in the video:

“As a teen and young woman I was normal weight for my tall frame and size 12 no matter what I ate. The weight gain started in my mid thirties and as I have three  older sisters I could see what my genes had in store as two of them were very overweight.

“I started with the F Plan diet, then Rosemary Connolly, cabbage soup etc and continued on this yo-yo for many years…faddy diets, Metabolic Weightloss plan (very expensive ), magic smoothies, meal replacements, personal trainers.

“Finally I resorted to the weekly humiliation of Slimmimg World and lost a stone quickly.

“Disappointed as ever it all went back on so I tried WW on an app, at least there was no weekly meeting ! I knew the calorific value of any food.

“My wardrobe had three sizes, 14, 16, 18 depending on where I was on the up and down see-saw of dieting. When the 18s got too tight I borrowed from my larger sister, determined not to buy a size 20.

“Every holiday and celebration was a tug of war with food, I was depressed.

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and take a heavy dose of toxic medications, including steroids, which increase my hunger levels and lead to bloating.

Weight loss post-menopause – it was a chore

“I was told to expect weight gain and that certainly happened. That, coupled with the normal slowdown of metabolism during the menopause, made my battle with weight a daily chore.

“However it also coincided in 2008 with a new job, a new man and a house move out of London !!

“The job was  exciting , involved international travel and a lot of black tie dinner events, but I had little time for exercise except weekend walks .

“When stressed I relied on alcohol and chocolate. I dieted strictly for the next “big event ” be it our wedding in 2010 , an international conference or a family occasion.

“My body suffered and I had a period of hospitalisation with kidney problems and three surgeries. I was wiped out.

“I knew my body was telling me to take better care so I reduced to part-time  and took a serious look at my rheumatoid arthritis and improved my lifestyle. I joined a gym and did yoga and Pilates, which I enjoyed.

“My husband and I retired four years ago and we travel a lot, so dieting is often challenging . We spend winters in Spain usually where life is very good, and a holiday mentality leads to over indulgence.

“I was 13st 9lbs when we returned in June 2020, the heaviest I had ever been. I was disgusted with myself and when faced with all my old diet remedies I was lost and confused.

“I found Slimpod on Facebook late one night in July 2020 and what struck me most was that Sandra was working with NHS; this gave credibility and hope.

“I saw immediate changes in my attitude to food when I started listening. I engaged with the FB group and really enjoyed the mutual support.

Weight loss post-menopause – my goal map

“I lost weight easily in first couple of months, which gave me hope. With lockdown the gym was closed so I started doing longer and longer walks and my knees coped.

“I found inspiration in Sandra’s videos and lives. I completed Gold and progressed on to Extra and started to believe that I could be fit and slim again. I’m really enjoying weight loss post-menopause.

“I signed up for a half marathon hike for Macmillan Cancer Support and started training for that with gusto. I found a lovely Buddy, Tina who is 74,  and inspired by Ava Brodie’s story, we supported each other to give up sugar – and succeeded.

“My goal map is focused on health and fitness. Three of my siblings have diabetes so this is a big driver for me.

“In Slimpod Club, Lynn and Kate have always been there with helpful advice and kind supportive words when I have had wobbles and long plateaus.

“Now nine months later my life is very different: I manage pain well, I move a lot more and make healthy choices 90 per cent of the time. There is no chocolate in my home!

“I jump out of bed and into my gym gear, do Lucy Wyndham-Read and floor exercise with weights before my first cuppa!!!! Who is this sweaty woman???

“I still enjoy a glass or two of wine at the weekend and I still eat carbs most days as I find it too diet like to deprive myself of them, but small portions.

“I have added all the additional healthy foods from Michelle Budd’s special project in Slimpod Extra and my weight continues to go down.

Weight loss post-menopause – results so far

“So far I have lost a smidge under two stone and 35 inches from my body, seven inches from my bust and eight inches from my waist.

“All the 18s and 16s in my wardrobe have gone to the charity shop. My 14s are baggy and my 12s are now very comfortable.

“So I am smashing my limiting belief that size 10 is impossible….watch this space. At 63 I have finally found the right solution to weight loss post-menopause.

“I am enormously grateful to Sandra , Trevor, Lynn, Kate and all the lovely supportive Podders who have helped me get here. I am enjoying helping others as a mentor now.

“I love Goldgatherings which was a social lifeline when shielding through lockdown two. I am thrilled  to be just 5lbs from my goal weight – and I know I’ll hit that soon!

Bridget’s story is so wonderfully inspiring and remember, if you need help we have LOTS available.  Just hit the ‘Need Any Help?’ button in the members’ area.


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