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If goal-setting worries you, Denise's method is for you

I know a lot of people don’t attempt to set goals because they trigger all sorts of fears and anxieties about previous attempts to lose weight. So when I was on a Zoom call with Slimpodder Denise Flower and chatting about how she had got into a size 10 dress, I was blown away by the amazingly effective online tool she used to help her. What a brainwave! Denise uses an app called Trello and she tells you about it in the video we made together. If you have any questions, why not tag Denise in Slimpod Club 🙂

This is Denise's special Trello board

You can use the Trello board template here
Denise says: “I use the Trello board as a goal map/nerve centre of Slimpod which I love looking at and adding to. I can access links to my workouts and that sort of thing on this board.

The board is split into various sections in which she posts pictures of herself and her clothes, notes  her innermost feelings and records her inspiring thoughts and ambitions. The sections include:











To give you a flavour of the posts, the WHY? column says: To be confident to do anything. To have healthy habits as I get older. To be normal around food.

The THOUGHTS column includes: Challenge fears and identify limiting beliefs. Turn the obstacles into something you learn from.

Denise joined Slimpod in September 2020, so her six-month anniversary is coming up.

She says: “I haven’t ever really been super heavy, but over the last few years I got to a point where I just assumed I was heavier because of my age.

“I’ve never really had a regular sweets/cake/bread/chocolate habit, but I love cooking and I love drinking.

“I also went crazy over lockdown one – as much booze and as many delicious meals as I could fit in because I thought it would only be for a few weeks at most (wrong!).

“I hated the look of the fat on my face and hanging over my bra etc but thought I just had to live with it, but one day I was reading Popbitch and saw an ad for Slimpod. Clicked on the link and, to my surprise, signed up right away.

“I set what I thought was a bit of a cheeky goal of 9st 6lbs by Christmas and made mini goals on the way to fitting into a few outfits. I extended the deadline to the end of March as I started to be kinder to myself.

“But when I weighed myself at the end of January after cutting out booze, sugar/sweeteners/dairy/grains/legumes for the January Whole30 challenge, I was 9st 6lbs!

“I would not have been able to cut all those things out without the support of Slimpod. I actually found it easy and enjoyable. And I have only had a couple of drinks three times this whole year  – the alcohol pod is amazing.”

Denise says: “The most thrilling thing is that I fit into size 10 tops. And also lots of lovely dresses that I was keeping because they are beautiful – didn’t think I’d wear them again. I still haven’t got my head round that because I didn’t believe it was possible.

“Even though I reached my first goal weight, I wanted to keep going so I can wear sleeveless things and maybe even confidently wear a bikini again! Strangely, even though I usually lose off my belly first, this time it has been coming off my difficult top half which makes me so happy.

“I have a deadline but it shifts if it starts feeling too soon! Also, when I get there it won’t be over. This is how I live now.

“I have never missed listening to pods at night, written down at least three wins a day, watched all the videos, at least attempted all the exercises, watched every live, and engage on Facebook. A few of my affirmations are: I am light and agile (my favourite), I have very beautiful arms and I crave exercise.

“I decided to trust Slimpod – when I thought ‘this isn’t working’ I said to myself ‘what’s the alternative?’

“I am going to be a butterfly coming out of lockdown – my skin looks lovely, I have been buying size 10 tops and dresses from eBay which I need to show off, I have never been this fit since childhood. I have a new lease on life.”


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