Do's and Don’ts of Slimpod Club

Let’s get the Don’ts out of the way first!

We really want to help you. That’s what we’re here for. But, there are some really important rules for the group that we ask you to stick to. 

It’s REALLY important that you respect the feelings of the people in the group. We therefore ask you not post an emotional rant if you’re upset about something that’s happened during your day that’s got nothing to do with Slimpod.

That’s not for this group.

This is really crucial because emotional off-loading can really affect emotional eaters and has a detrimental effect on yourself and others.

This is no good for you or anyone else in the group.

A big part of this programme is about helping you reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones. This moves you into a much better mindset about food, yourself and life in general and empowers you (and others) on this journey. What’s not to like?!

So, before you post anything, take a deep breath, calm down and think carefully about what you’re going to write.

Please be clear and specific about the support you need. Begin the post with “I’d love some help with…” and then give a bit of background plus how long you’ve been on the programme. 

There are lots of live chat videos within Slimpod Club and also on the main Slimpod for Weight loss page and this may provide the answer to your problem so do take a look in Guides too.

Don’t post something that goes against our rules – help is available by emailing [email protected]

Don’t post about problems with your app. Individual tech issues can only be solved by emailing the address above.

And definitely do not post anything offensive. We’re very protective of the feelings of our members and posts will be removed if they don’t fall in line with our guidelines.

The all important Dos!

Definitely share your wins and your success – they make you feel good and they inspire others too.

Post pictures and/or videos of your progress as you go through the programme.

Post if you have something useful and positive to share with the group, even if it’s unrelated to weight loss.

Post if you want constructive help from others – give a little summary of your background and your journey so far. Also if you’re an emotional eater. This information is really helpful for those trying to help you.

And DO post if you’re having fun and loving life! We want to hear about it! So many people spend their life obsessing about their weight. We want you to live life instead!

In short – empower yourself and others with what you post and have consideration for group members’ feelings – they are all on the same journey.

If you ask for help – please respect the advice you’re given from other people and please thank the person who’s given that advice. Kindness and gratitude is also part of positive psychology.

We all feel good when we give advice and we feel rewarded when we’re told that advice has helped in some way.


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