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It’s natural to have questions at first. These are the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

There’s nothing stopping you listening more than once but there’s no evidence to suggest it will enhance your progress.

We recommend listening to the Slimpod last thing at night.  However,  If listening at another time suits you better, then that’s absolutely fine. Find a time of day you can commit to each day so listening becomes a habit. A lot of people listen when the alarm goes off in the morning and they’re in that lovely snooze time.

Using the scales can really alter people’s moods so we definitely recommend putting them away. There are other ways to measure how your body is changing, such as how your clothes feel – in another topic we tell you about the ribbon method. If putting your scales away makes you feel uncomfortable, try cutting down how often you get on them and gradually wean yourself off weighing.

Slimpod is designed to help you to trust yourself and your choices so you reach a point where you feel in control again. We want you to feel liberated from counting calories or inputting your meals into an app.  However, we do know this doesn’t happen overnight so we provide healthy eating and nutritional advice because this can be such a confusing subject.

The pods work with your subconscious to unravel the relationship with food you have when you join us, and this includes binge eating.  The Chillpod can be particularly useful as feeling stressed or overwhelmed can often trigger these behaviours.  Please be patient with yourself – many people have had life-long struggles with food and dieting and these can take time to unravel.

Wins can be the smallest change to the biggest. They can be changes in the way you’re feeling about yourself, something that’s changed with your food or perhaps that you’re walking up stairs rather than taking the lift. After time, it may be that you’re not making changes anymore, but simply repeating the same new behaviours. This is perfect because it’s what building habits is all about!  Definitely the right way to go!

Psychologists have found that writing down three positive things that have happened in your day has a more powerful effect than just thinking about them. Writing down your wins in a dedicated notebook which you leave by your bed can have a profound effect on your progress. If you find using an app on your phone or tablet easier to remember, then that’s a great option too. Just find what works for you!

There’s a video called Why There’s No Food Plan in Level 2 which will explain this in more detail. Essentially, the pods help you make healthier choices naturally and show you that you can trust your body’s signals to let you know when you’re hungry and full. If following a food plan alongside our programme helps your progress, then that’s great too.

The programme helps you create healthy habits which last and takes the willpower out of losing weight. The pods work with your subconscious to change your behaviour and what you want to eat, without needing you to think too much about it. This is very different to crash, restrictive and yo-yo diets so progress looks totally different. Writing your three wins every day, using the ribbon method and completing the monthly worksheets can help you to see how you’re changing in more ways than just your scale weight.

Definitely! The Chillpod is fantastic for helping you to relax and so although you don’t need to listen every day, you can. If you struggle to wind down and relax, listening to the Chillpod before the Slimpod can help you get the most out of your pods. Or, you can listen to the Chillpod during the day if you need some help to remain calm and in control.

The Sugarpod is locked until Level 5 of the programme as it’s best to allow the Slimpod to really get to work at the beginning. In the Level 5 videos you’ll be introduced to the Sugarpod and you’ll be reminded that it’s available for you to start listening to alongside your Slimpod and Chillpod.

Our experience of this is that missing the odd day isn’t the end of the world, it’s going to happen to us all at some stage. Just aim to listen consecutively if you can. Simply carry on from where you left off and continue to complete your success log.


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