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The magic happened for me in the first week

Gill Lawrence flew through the Gold programme and joined Extra as a natural progression in her weight loss journey. However, one day she woke up and realised that the magic had just ‘disappeared’ – literally overnight! Luckily, she recognised it for what it was: a temporary blip. Through her own resilience and with help from the Slimpod community, she was able to recover and get back on track. Her story will help those of you who are feeling overwhelmed by life and things you feel are beyond your control!

Gill says: “Pre Slimpod I had become completely disillusioned about weight loss and getting fit. I had grown to hate with a passion any slimming group which had made me feel like a loser and a misfit.

“I had done Lighter Life twice and the Cambridge diet twice. Each time I successfully lost stones but just as quickly gained them again – with just a little extra too.

“A doctor had advised me to go down the bariatric surgery route and so I went for my appointment. I was half the size of everyone else there and knew how to diet, so decided not to go through with it.

“Exercise was a constant battle due to my osteoarthritis and ruptured inoperable Achilles. I live with pain and walked slowly in agony just walking the dog.

“Even though I’m a positive happy person, the whole fitness situation was bringing me down. I have four young grandchildren and was struggling to keep up with them.

“For a few months I tried to go it alone, mainly by calorie counting, but could still binge and secret eat – particularly if I was bored or feeling lonely.

“I saw Slimpod keep coming up in my Facebook feed and thought ‘what have I got to lose?’

“The magic happened for me from the very first week.

“I’ve done absolutely everything that has been asked of me, actively enjoying following the programme.

“I’ve lost two stones, many inches, walked 100 miles in one month, exercise every morning, walk fast and through the pain. I really feel in charge of my own fitness and I’m keeping up with my grandchildren and feeling happier.

“I suddenly lost the magic!”

“So when the morning came when I felt the magic had deserted me I slightly panicked! What would happen to me now? It did coincide with the second lockdown so was probably my worrying brain overriding the good stuff.

“With support and advice from my Slimpod ‘Buddy’ and after talking to Sandra I managed to reframe my mind. After a few days I can honestly say I’m back on track with my weight loss.

“The main things that helped were faking it until I made it: making myself do the exercise and eating a little more but forgiving myself.

“I jumped straight onto Lynn’s ‘Jump Start January’ challenge from the Facebook groups and started adding in Michelle’s ‘Superfoods’.

“Perhaps the best motivator though is the ‘done by 1’ goal, as this really focussed my activities and means I now have the afternoons for self care.”


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