Using your new Slimpod
Extra Dashboard

We’re thrilled to be releasing an exciting new look to Slimpod Extra. We’ve upgraded existing features and added new sections – so we’ve created this page to help you get the best out of your Extra experience. 

Streak Counter

Just like in Slimpod Gold, we’ve introduced a streak counter which you can show or hide using the toggle on screen. Maintaining a run will motivate you even more.

My Favourite Videos

You can now save coaching videos to a new My Favourite Videos section. When you’re watching a coaching video, click “Add to Favourites” and it will then be available to find easily in your new My Favourite Videos section.

Experts' Area

We’ve also introduced a new Experts’ Area where you can find all the Slimpod Extra exclusive live chats that Sandra hosts with expert guests. Dip into this archive whenever you want advice on important topics.

Your 90-Day Vision

This is now available in your account so it’s easy to view and update. Click on the “My 90 Day Vision” button and answer each of the three questions as they appear in turn on your screen and press submit. Then scroll down your page and you’ll see your 90-day vision saved in your account. You can update this as often as you like. If you just want to view your 90 day vision without creating a new one, just scroll down 90 day vision page and your answers will always be saved there. 

Easy-to-find Resources

We’ve created a new home for your resources so they’re easy to find and complete. You’ll notice that your 90-day vision is here too. If you’d like to stick to doing it with pen and paper, then of course you can. 


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press and 'Add to Home Screen'.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad, open in Safari and follow instructions there.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press , select 'Open in Safari' and follow instructions there.

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