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Irene proves that grief and pain are no barrier

Irene Hand’s story is one of triumph over adversity and it really will show you that if you believe you can – YOU CAN! When Irene’s mum died suddenly, the grief turned her world upside down and she put on four stone. Irene suffers from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and could hardly climb her stairs or walk for more than a few minutes. After barely a day on Slimpod she stopped snacking on crisps and didn’t want a bag for three weeks – she was in control and today she has lost 53lbs, has seen 37 inches disappear from her body measurements and can easily manage a two-hour walk.

Irene, who lives in Coventry, says: ““For me Slimpod has gently and subtly enabled me to really understand that my body, health and wellbeing deserve better than mindless over-indulgence.

“It has helped me to feel good and more importantly, confident about making better decisions ‘most’ of the time.

“It has encouraged me to do what is right for me, to trust myself to know what I need to do and do it!

“Slimpod eliminates the misery that is normally attached to trying to achieve weight loss. Today I’ve lost 3 stone 11lbs with my Slimpod – that 53lbs in total – and I’ve never felt happier or healthier.”

Irene and Sandra made the Zoom video in July 2021. Since then Irene has lost even more weight and is almost unrecognisable, as you’ll see from the latest photos below.

These are Irene's inspiring selfies

Wearing leggings for the very first time

How Irene's face has changed


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