Slimpod Extra Lives

Extra Live 01/2023: Meeting Slimpodder Colette​

Sandra and Slimpodder Colette chat about her motivational and inspirational journey so far. Colette has lost 4 stone going from size 20 to size 12 in one year while undergoing 7 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and HER2 treatment. Colette and Sandra chat about how your mentality around food can change, how to live a more mindful life and how to find freedom in so many ways.

Extra Live 11/2022: Hayley Millar’s Story

Hayley chats about overcoming habits, reframing triggers and turning into a lover of exercise.

Extra Live 07/2022: Hormone Expert Nicki Williams​

Nicki chats about perimenopause and menopause and how to know where you are, how to recognise symptoms and how to naturally balance hormones.

Extra Live 06/2022: Goal Mapping expert Brian Mayne​

Brian chats about self esteem, how it grows as a child, how to improve your self esteem now and you can filter this into every area of your life.

Extra Live 05/2022: Hypnotherapist Simon Bates​

Simon chats about how depression affect weigh loss and encourage emotional eating. Simon also gives guidance on how you can reduce the time you think about your past (depression) and future (anxiety) and how to enjoy life in the moment to give you a helping hand at losing weight.

Extra Live 03/2022: Ellie White’s story​

Ellie chats about her 7 stone weight loss while navigating conditions which affect her mobility, how she overcome a fear of being hungry and her addiction to food and drinks like coke and crisps.

Extra Live 10/2021: Daily High-Fives​

Sandra chats about how daily morning high fives improve your happiness, how to love your body, and how to be kind to yourself.

Extra Live 09/2021: Hormone Expert Nicki Williams​

Hormone Expert Nicki Williams joins Sandra to chat about how your hormones affect your body in different ways, how the foods you eat affect your hormones and how the menopause affects women, even in the early stages.

Extra Live 09/2021: Q&A With Sandra​

Sandra does question and answers.

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