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Sally-Anne overcomes self-sabotage and self-doubt

FOOD had Sally-Anne Griffiths in a firm grip that affected her shape, her desire to exercise (or should we say, not to exercise!) and her general outlook on life. But Slimpod changed all of that in the most dramatic way which gives hope to everyone. Today, much lighter and happier – and a keen runner – Sally-Anne says: “I now have a positive glow around me all the time.” Watch her video interview then read her guide on how tio get your mojo back.

Sally-Anne’s ‘get your weight loss mojo back’ guide

*** I now realise that I’m so much more than the scales. I do still weigh myself occasionally, instead of daily, but I refuse to let the results dictate my emotions and my food intake.

*** It seems crazy that a loss of only 11 pounds has equated to a 22-inch loss. Now it’s clothes size that matters to me and how I look, not a number on scales. Regaining power over the scales is a massive win.

*** I was a real couch potato before joining Slimpod, averaging 6k steps a day. I now commit to a minimum of 12k steps every day and enjoy dog walking, LWR (Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube), dancing and I love NEAT steps.

*** Earlier this year found myself really enjoying the LWR jog a minute/tone a minute workouts. One day I thought I could jog on my unused treadmill. To my amazement I ran 2 miles in 26 minutes.

*** I’ve never, ever run that far in my life before!  I was blown away at the level of fitness I had sneakily achieved. And this has slowly grown over time. Like many other Slimpodders I find myself laughing to myself – who is this woman, can the real Sally-Anne please stand up!

*** I’ve always been a positive person with a glass half full attitude in everything in life other than my weight. I have a positive glow around me now all of the time. I’m convinced that daily listening to Slimpod and writing my daily wins is the key to this. I even find the positives on the worst of days.

*** Beating self-sabotage and kicking limiting self-beliefs into touch has been a key factor in my Slimpod success. As early as week 6, having lost nearly a stone in weight, the doubts started to creep in (that’s when my fad diets would normally fail and the weight would start to go back on).

*** However one of my favourite parts of the programme is the fabulous inspiration and support you find on the Facebook pages. I asked a question about anyone else’s experience with self-doubts even when doing well on the programme and I had great inspiring advice.

*** Not every day is a bed of roses, this is real life after all. There are great days, good days, not so great days and downright awful days. The difference with Slimpod is when times are difficult there’s lots of strategies available to help you overcome them and continue to move forward. 

Sally-Anne before Slimpod

Today in spotty jumpsuit

*** I make lots of opportunities to celebrate my new skinnier self – I am a shopaholic after all! So I celebrate the win when I give away my bigger clothes, get into clothes I’ve bought and never worn, or when I buy lovely clothes in a size I’d only ever dreamt of (like my spotty jumpsuit). 

*** I love that Slimpod isn’t about being on a diet and therefore there’s no wagon to fall off. In my past diet/failure mode I would have very negative self-talk. I was brutal with myself when I wasn’t losing weight (which was most of the time).

*** I’m much kinder to myself now and I’m happier in my skin than I’ve ever been. Every day I look in the mirror, do my affirmations and give myself a hi-five (another great Sandra tip). 

***  I eat less sugar as I now understand how bad it is for the body but I will occasionally still eat cake and have a piece of dark chocolate most days. This along with the healthier food choices that I’ve naturally started to make has been really helpful. And I don’t generally eat after 8pm, which stops me snacking. 

*** I’ve said it before but Slimpod doesn’t require willpower but it does require commitment – and I enjoy every moment of watching videos, listening to the pods, writing my wins, tracking my daily habits. Why wouldn’t I, given the results it has afforded me?


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