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Sarah's brimming with healthy, vitality and confidence

Sarah Shakespeare is part of our Slimpod Club community and is constantly making us all smile with her warmth and fabulous sense of humour! But that’s not all. We’ve all witnessed the physical changes in her since she started Slimpod on July 7, 2020.  On that day she weighed 17st 1lb.  Now she weighs 13 stone.  Her waist measurement has reduced from 41 inches to 32 inches! But just as importantly, she FEELS great and is brimming with health, vitality and confidence!

Sarah says: “I inhaled food, I didn’t even enjoy it. So I thought I’d try Slimpod because I had nothing to lose.

“Today my relationship with food is totally different. Food is fuel and I eat when I need to eat. The best thing is that my full signal is back and that’s what Slimpod has given me.

“I’m mentally better than ever before. I’m sleeping well, looking after myself and feeling good about me.

“Slimpod has given me control over what I eat and how I feel about food and life. I’m no longer obsessed with weighing myself all the time – today I went to weigh myself for the first time in weeks and I couldn’t even find the scales!”

Sarah today – and the way she was before Slimpod

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