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I introduced the app in the welcome video yesterday and I’m hoping you now have it safely on your phone or tablet.  If you have any problems with the app or anything to do with setting yourself up, please email [email protected] and my team will be very happy to help you.

You’ll notice the app contains a playlist facility.  You will only need this when you begin to listen to more than one recording and that could be at the end of four weeks.  The exceptions to this are:

** If you have difficulty relaxing or ‘switching off’ – you can load up the Chillpod before the Slimpod and listen to one after the other.  The Chillpod is the ultimate relaxer!

** If you lead a very stressful life you can listen to the Chillpod and Slimpod from the start

I don’t recommend you add the sugar pod until Phase two (week 5) but if you have a BIG sugar problem, then after two weeks of listening to the Slimpod you could add the sugar one.  However, I urge you to allow the Slimpod to make some changes first.

Also the start of Phase Two really focuses on sugar and will be well worth the wait!

How to use the playlist

Open the two pods in the library and click the black cross to the right of each title. This adds them to the Playlist. You can change the order of your Playlist very easily. Touch and hold down the title you want to move and slide it up or down the screen. When it’s in the right place just take your finger off!

As your journey progresses you can add further pods to your Playlist or you can continue to listen to them in the Library, whichever suits you best. To remove a pod from the Playlist, press on the – button to the right ot its name. This will return it to the Library.



To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press and 'Add to Home Screen'.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad, open in Safari and follow instructions there.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press , select 'Open in Safari' and follow instructions there.

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