A story of two lovely ladies

We’ve all heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare. One went slowly, the other went fast. So I’d like to inspire you with the true story of two lovely Slimpodders named Rachael Buckett and Ellie Cadwallader White.

I call Rachael the hare because she’s always dashing about. Ellie is the tortoise because she takes life at a slower pace. But I think you’ll be amazed by how their very different lifestyles have led to an identical weight loss – they’ve each lost just over seven stones (98 lbs or 44.5 kg) in 18 months.

They started the Slimpod programme within a few weeks of each other – Ellie on August 12 2020 and Rachael on September 1. Their achievements highlight how Slimpod works differently for everyone. If you search their names in Slimpod Club, you’ll be able to read their journeys in full. 

Meet Ellie 'the tortoise'

Ellie then
Ellie now

Ellie had more weight to lose than Rachael but has done it in a very different way.  Ellie is disabled and has restricted mobility so the weight has come off slower – but over 18 months she’s still lost the same amount of weight as Rachael.

One of the biggest things that’s changed for Ellie is she’s no longer feeling scared of hunger.  In Ellie’s own words: “I no longer eat anything and everything in case there isn’t any more. 

“Decades of emotional overeating has been unpicked and smoothed out.  The pods gently retrained my brain to want less, to hear my hunger signal and have the confidence not to over-ride it anymore. 

“My body was allowed to ask for what it wanted – healthy, tasty, quality foods – and know it would be fed when it was hungry. 

“I’ve not been able to formally exercise, so I fully embraced making great choices, which then developed into a whole new lifestyle.”

Meet Rachael 'the hare'

Rachael then
Rachael now

When she joined Slimpod, Rachael had already decided she wanted to reduce consumption of certain carbs that she felt would benefit her health. Up to then she’d had tried but never succeeded in doing this consistently.

She would always get cravings and lose control.  With Slimpod this all changed!  

Rachael fell naturally into a 16:8 intermittent fasting rhythm, discovering that she didn’t feel hungry until noon and if she ate before then, she was just eating for the sake of it.

As the months went on, her eating pattern stayed more or less the same. She was eating more vegetables and salads than ever eaten and was loving how it made her body feel.

But the big change happened when she started to feel instinctively nudged to exercise more. This then took off big time!  

Within the first month she had gone from moving 3,000 steps a day to more than 10,000 a day. Rachael now loves going on walking holidays and takes part in badminton two or three times a week, uses the treadmill at the gym and walks or cycles to and from work every day. 

And the very happy ending...

Ellie is feeling liberated because she doesn’t feel the stress, deprivation and hunger that she’d felt  before. Rachael is thrilled she no longer an emotional eater and gets such a buzz from exercise. Two very different but very lovely ladies, with two very different lifestyles – but with the same inspiring result.

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