Update for Extra

If you’ve opened this and haven’t seen any previous emails about the new members platform, you can download here. The installation should be really straightforward. BUT If something goes wrong – firstly look at the troubleshooting guide below and and if you need further help please email [email protected].

New tech always has glitches and small issues. If something’s not right, please stay calm, it will be sorted by the team. You still have your old app to listen to if there’s a problem.

This new platform is being rolled out gradually and we’d really appreciate it if you can avoid discussing it in Slimpod Club because it will just cause frustration for the people who haven’t had access yet. If you have any issues whatsoever, customer services are the people who can solve them 😊.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press and 'Add to Home Screen'.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad, open in Safari and follow instructions there.


To install this Web App on your iPhone/iPad press , select 'Open in Safari' and follow instructions there.

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